¡Se Traspasa!

Starting from scratch or Buying a working business in Marbella.

Marbella is the place to be. Whether it's beacause of its world-class weather throughout the whole year, its paradisiacal beaches, its internationally known Golf Courses or the Andalusian tranquil lifestyle. Marbella is loved by people from around the world and many of move to Marbella for better life.

The first question for most of these people is:

Do we start a new business or do we buy a business that is already working?

The later is the choice of most, as it is way faster. It is called Traspaso and it is a business trasfer to another person. The person who is buying the business does not need to worry about starting a business from scratch, waiting for permits, licenses, employing and training new staff, acquiring new clientele and creating a whole new brand.

Already established businesses usually are located in very popular and accessible locations where many tourists pass by. These "hot" locations are usually taken in town like Marbella and Traspaso is the only option. 

If you are looking for opening a traditional business with your own touch, a good option to go for is to look for a Traspaso. 

We, Elite Group, have many options for buying working businesses in Marbella. These include B&B Businesses, Restaurants, Bars etc. We will guide you through the whole process from understanding the implications to finding your new business.

One of our options is a Boutique Hotel that consists of 6 Apartments right in the heart of  Marbella's Old Town. 

Become the owner of a very lucrative business that is ready to be transferred. The 6 apartments are completely equipped with a double bed, and a double sofa (4 guests per apartment) a complete kitchen with microwave, fridge and freezer. The aparments all have their own bathroom with bathtub and all have air conditioning. Each apartment has its own door that provides privacy and security.

The apartments can be easily be fully rented with the help of AirBnB, Trip Advisor and other marketplaces for holiday homes. The special location, The famous Plaza de los Naranjos, right in the heart of Marbella's old town, makes this a very attractive choice for every tourist.

This is a business that will always work, don't miss this opportunity!